Writing and Editing

Kathy’s Writing Background

Dr. Kathy Jordan has loved writing all her life. As a teenager, she spent hours writing poetry. As an adult, she wrote short stories just for the fun of it. She was probably the only person in her Ph.D. program who actually enjoyed writing her dissertation. And by the time she graduated, she had already published three articles in professional journals.

Articles, Books, and Online Content
While working full time as a coach and consultant, Kathy published a number of articles on topics of interest to managers. In 2002, her career took an unexpected turn, when she accepted an offer to help legendary financial services executive Doug Lennick and pioneering executive coach Dr. Fred Kiel write their groundbreaking bookMoral Intelligence: Enhancing Leadership Performance and Business Success(Wharton School Press, 2005.)

She also collaborated with Doug Lennick on Financial Intelligence: How to Make Smart, Values-Based Decisions with Your Money and Your Life (FPA Press, 2010).

And she has written her own book with co-author Fred Mandell titled Becoming a Life Change Artist: 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Stage of Life(Avery/Penguin Group, 2010).

In addition to book projects, Kathy has served as senior editor for a number of Harvard Business Publishing projects, including Harvard Business Review article collections, the award-winning online leadership development program Harvard ManageMentor, and the Breakthrough Leadership Program.  

Kathy finds the internal focus required by writing and editorial work a satisfying counterbalance to the external focus important in coaching and consulting.

Collaborative Writing Opportunities

Do you want to write a book? You may have an important message to deliver to your audience, but lack the time or experience to create a manuscript that has commercial potential. Kathy can help you transform your ideas into clear, appealing content that reflects your unique voice and gets your message across to your intended readers.

She also understands the business side of book publishing, and has forged productive relationships with literary agents and publishers that may be useful to first-time authors.

Editorial Support

Kathy’s strength as a business editor comes from her deep knowledge of the realities of today’s complex workplaces. She understands what makes organizations, and their leaders, succeed or fail. She knows how to speak to business audiences in their language. She’ll help you create business content that is not only relevant, but highly appealing to busy managers and their teams.