Innovation Consulting

The Organizational Critique

Kathy is no ordinary organizational consultant: You won’t get any shrink-talk, psychobabble, or overpriced management fad-of-the week from her.

Instead, through The Organization Critique, Kathy takes a clear-eyed scan of what’s really going on in your enterprise and with your people. She watches. She asks questions. She listens. Then she diagnoses, in common-sense language, what your organization is doing well, where it’s failing (and why), and how to get back on course to breathtaking performance.

“Kathy helped open our eyes to opportunities and challenges in our company that we never would have seen without her unique perspective.”

“Her no-nonsense approach, paired with her immense personal warmth, is refreshing.”

Once you’ve identified your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, Kathy rolls up her sleeves with you to implement a customized approach to remove performance barriers and develop the skills you need to accelerate innovation wherever you need it most.

The Innovation Studio

Like innovation itself, the Innovation Studio is a process, not a one-time event. During a one- or two-day kick-off, you and your team learn the core creative skills of master innovators. You then design a high-impact innovation project—such as a new offering or process change. With Kathy’s support, you implement the innovation project at an accelerated pace. You complete The Innovation Studio with a ruthless assessment of your project’s impact.

“Kathy’s guidance and help were invaluable. We put our project on a fast track and started seeing results immediately.”

“Our team learned so much from Kathy. We’re looking forward to applying the process she taught us to all our innovation initiatives going forward.”

For more information about how you can improve your organization’s innovative capacity, contact Dr. Kathy Jordan to schedule a conversation.