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Business Creativity

Creativity is In. Finally

Several weeks ago, I tweeted about the IBM survey showing that CEOs now think the skill most needed by effective leaders is…drumroll please…creativity.  This study has since been picked up and blogged about all over the place.  One of the most interesting posts on this topic is over at by Colette Martin, titled Creativity […]

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Kahlo Diary

Happy Birthday, Frida!

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s birth.  Kahlo’s life offers an inspiring example of how art and creativity can help us live rich and fulfilling lives despite trauma or pain. When she was six years old, Kahlo contracted polio, which left one leg smaller than the […]

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CH 10_04_Mary Cassatt_Little Girl in a Blue Armchair_1878

Could You Be Suffering from CDD (Creativity Deficit Disorder)?

Don’t bother rushing to the medical dictionary for a definition: Creativity Deficit Disorder (CDD) is a term I’ve coined to capture the way I feel when I don’t have enough creativity in my life. I suspect that I’m not the only person who battles this disorder.  I have friends and coaching clients who also seem […]

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Loving retirement

Sick of the Single Over 50 Stereotype?

“When does a woman go from being single to unmarried?” asks Maureen Dowd in her latest New York Times column.  I don’t know exactly when, but it’s clear that by the time I reached my 50s, I was definitely unmarried.  And it’s also clear that unmarried 50-something women are stereotyped in some pretty unflattering ways.  […]

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