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No Foolproof Way To Make Friends After 50

No Foolproof Way To Make Friends After 50

Can you believe it?  Almost 7 years ago I wrote a (perhaps overly) optimistic post about how people like me could connect with other potential friends in midlife.  I was one of the fortunate ones who had a great experience following the tips I developed. Many others were not so lucky. In the time since […]

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senior women pianist

What Old Dream Still Strikes a Chord in You?

It’s never too late to learn a satisfying new skill.  A few weeks ago, I heard about a man who began practicing yoga for the first time at age 72, then went on to become a certified Yoga instructor.  Now this wonderful opportunity to learn to play the piano–no matter what your age!  Read on…  Online […]

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Three women in living room talking and smiling

Tell 3 People Who You Are

 Last night I was listening to HayHouse Radio, which is so inspiring that it deserves a whole post of its own.  I heard for the first time Peggy Rometo’s weekly show “Intuitive Insights.”  Peggy is an intuitive medium and psychic healer.  She told a story about receiving a message from her spiritual source a number […]

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Someone won a $100 gift card…

…and 2 other people won signed copies of my book “Becoming a Life Change Artist.” We videoed the final drawing, and have spent the last 3.5 hours unsuccessfully trying to upload the video to my blog, YouTube and Facebook.  Arghhh. But more importantly, the $100 gift card winner is Angie C.  Congratulations, Angie!!!!!  You have […]

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Woman wtih Scarf

Covering Up Your Creativity?

I was doing a Q&A session at a book signing event last week when a member of the audience—let’s call her Molly—made this comment: I’m very creative, but when I’m in a job I find myself hiding my creativity, because a lot of businesses don’t seem to appreciate it.  Tomorrow I’m going on a job […]

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Aug 3 Drawing Entries, page 2

And the Winner is…

…Lisa W.  Congratulations, Lisa!  Your tireless support of my new book has paid off.  The random number generator picked one of your entries that was a re-tweet of one of my tweets about the book and gift card giveaway.  Which just goes to prove that more entries makes it more likely that participants will win a book […]

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Remembering Maggie1_cropped

Personal Creativity is Not Optional

Here is a gorgeous video by Jan Phillips reminding us that making time for creative work is as essential to our well-being as breathing.  We are all artists! What creative work is calling to you right now? How do you feed your spirit?

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Kahlo Diary

Happy Birthday, Frida!

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of the acclaimed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s birth.  Kahlo’s life offers an inspiring example of how art and creativity can help us live rich and fulfilling lives despite trauma or pain. When she was six years old, Kahlo contracted polio, which left one leg smaller than the […]

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St. Augustine Beach

Where is Home?

My daughter and son-in-law are about to build their dream house.  Everything about it is perfect.  Lots of space for a growing family in a country setting not far from my son-in-law’s workplace. If all goes well, they’ll sign the contract this week and hopefully by the end of the year they will be proud […]

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The Zen of Twitter

I’ve been struggling to come up with a smart analogy to capture what happened with me and Twitter on Tuesday night.  Like:  You labor lovingly over a strawberry patch only to have the rabbits eat every last ripe one.  Not so good.  How about: You say something hurtful to a friend and she won’t ever […]

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