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Does high stress trigger creativity at work?

  Check out this commentary from Teresa Amabile, one of the most highly regarded researchers on creativity and the workplace.   How about you?  Does pressure stimulate your creative juices–or dry them up?

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Are You Willing to Move through the Wilderness?

From a column The Creative Monopoly by David Brooks.  Excerpt: Creative people don’t follow the crowds; they seek out the blank spots on the map. Creative people wander through faraway and forgotten traditions and then integrate marginal perspectives back to the mainstream. Instead of being fastest around the tracks everybody knows, creative people move adaptively […]

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Business Creativity

Creativity is In. Finally

Several weeks ago, I tweeted about the IBM survey showing that CEOs now think the skill most needed by effective leaders is…drumroll please…creativity.  This study has since been picked up and blogged about all over the place.  One of the most interesting posts on this topic is over at by Colette Martin, titled Creativity […]

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