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Why Men Fail at Friendship

Why Men Fail at Friendship

There have been a lot of responses to my old post “Five Foolproof Steps to Making Friends After 50.”  Only two men have commented about loneliness or the challenges of finding friends, though a few women have commented on how much more difficult it seems for husbands, boyfriends, or other men we care about, to […]

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Design Your Own Mini-Retreat

Design Your Own Mini-Retreat

Ever wish you were a celebrity off for a spa retreat?  You don’t need to be a red carpet regular to treat yourself to a rejuvenating, relaxing experience.  I was desperate for some TLC after a crazy week, so I decided to spend my Saturday doing whatever I felt like doing.  Here are 5 things […]

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Going Public as a Clergy Abuse Survivor

When I was a teenager I was molested by a Catholic priest who worked at my high school.  For more than 30 years I hid it from everyone.  In many respects I also hid it from myself. Though I never spoke about it, the impact on my life was profound.  Two failed marriages were just […]

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Creativity News Picks of the Week

Since tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my Friday giveaway, I thought I’d end the “blog week” early by reviewing what’s been in the media this week about creativity. What follows is a totally subjective list of articles—both serious and quirky—that sparked my interest.  My comments are in italics: Doodling in School Opens Doors to Creativity, Learning […]

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Remembering Maggie1_cropped

Personal Creativity is Not Optional

Here is a gorgeous video by Jan Phillips reminding us that making time for creative work is as essential to our well-being as breathing.  We are all artists! What creative work is calling to you right now? How do you feed your spirit?

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Red head powernap

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Nap

It’s been a lazy day for me, recuperating from an intense book editing project I wrapped up late last night.  A little tweeting here, a little Facebooking there, updating LinkedIn and making a few calls to try to set up marketing events for my new book’s  launch the week after next.  I knew I needed […]

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Stress Reduction

5 Ways to Lower Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

This morning I woke up with a feeling of mild dread about how I was going to meet all my work deadlines today. Feelingthat tightness in the pit of my stomach is always counterproductive: The more I worry about doing it all, the less able I am to get it done. I know I should meditate, or take a long brisk walk, or do some yoga, or write in my journal. But all those laudable practices seem overwhelming or too time-consuming in my frazzled state of mind. […]

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Holmdel Park (NJ) one of Maggie’s favorite walking haunts

Goodbye Maggie

My friend Maggie died in October 2008.  I  found out just two days ago. I lost touch with Maggie about ten years ago after a twenty year friendship. By then I lived in Boston and she had recently moved from New Jersey to Richmond, Virginia, where her youngest daughter Kristen lived.  The last time I […]

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