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Why Men Fail at Friendship

Why Men Fail at Friendship

There have been a lot of responses to my old post “Five Foolproof Steps to Making Friends After 50.”  Only two men have commented about loneliness or the challenges of finding friends, though a few women have commented on how much more difficult it seems for husbands, boyfriends, or other men we care about, to […]

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No Foolproof Way To Make Friends After 50

No Foolproof Way To Make Friends After 50

Can you believe it?  Almost 7 years ago I wrote a (perhaps overly) optimistic post about how people like me could connect with other potential friends in midlife.  I was one of the fortunate ones who had a great experience following the tips I developed. Many others were not so lucky. In the time since […]

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How Do You Quiet Your Mind?

In this video of Asheville, NC artist Jonas Gerard,  he is painting a big abstract work to music, practically dancing as he works, his strokes racing across the canvas.  It looks like a boisterous  process, but in fact Gerard says that painting fast allows his mind to be quiet.  Gerard’s distinctive approach may not be for everyone, but […]

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Independence Day 2010

Just over a month ago on Memorial Day, I wrote a post about how to support the families of military personnel who are deployed around the world. At the time, it had been just a few weeks since my Army son-in-law Doug (whom I prefer to call my “son-in-heart”) had left for an overseas assignment. […]

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St. Augustine Beach

Where is Home?

My daughter and son-in-law are about to build their dream house.  Everything about it is perfect.  Lots of space for a growing family in a country setting not far from my son-in-law’s workplace. If all goes well, they’ll sign the contract this week and hopefully by the end of the year they will be proud […]

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Holmdel Park (NJ) one of Maggie’s favorite walking haunts

Goodbye Maggie

My friend Maggie died in October 2008.  I  found out just two days ago. I lost touch with Maggie about ten years ago after a twenty year friendship. By then I lived in Boston and she had recently moved from New Jersey to Richmond, Virginia, where her youngest daughter Kristen lived.  The last time I […]

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