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Making Sh*t Up: Creativity’s Dark Side

When I was a college counselor, I once worked with a senior who was a talented art student. She came to see me tortured by anxiety and depression. It turns out she’d been depressed throughout high school and college. When I asked her how she had put up with feeling awful for all that time, […]

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Do you think you’re just not creative? This post is for you!

Do you think you’re one of those people who just isn’t creative?  We are all creative, but sometimes we need to take steps to build our creative confidence.  Watch this inspiring TED talk by Ideo’s founder David Kelly about how to rediscover your creative capacity.  

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Too Tired to Be Creative?

Check out this video of a talk by Tony Schwartz.  It  turned my head around about how to maintain capacity to do all I want/need to do.  Would love to hear about what you do to refuel and replenish yourself for creative work.

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Does high stress trigger creativity at work?

  Check out this commentary from Teresa Amabile, one of the most highly regarded researchers on creativity and the workplace.   How about you?  Does pressure stimulate your creative juices–or dry them up?

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