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Do you think you’re just not creative? This post is for you!

Do you think you’re one of those people who just isn’t creative?  We are all creative, but sometimes we need to take steps to build our creative confidence.  Watch this inspiring TED talk by Ideo’s founder David Kelly about how to rediscover your creative capacity.  

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Too Tired to Be Creative?

Check out this video of a talk by Tony Schwartz.  It  turned my head around about how to maintain capacity to do all I want/need to do.  Would love to hear about what you do to refuel and replenish yourself for creative work.

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Does high stress trigger creativity at work?

  Check out this commentary from Teresa Amabile, one of the most highly regarded researchers on creativity and the workplace.   How about you?  Does pressure stimulate your creative juices–or dry them up?

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Are You Willing to Move through the Wilderness?

From a column The Creative Monopoly by David Brooks.  Excerpt: Creative people don’t follow the crowds; they seek out the blank spots on the map. Creative people wander through faraway and forgotten traditions and then integrate marginal perspectives back to the mainstream. Instead of being fastest around the tracks everybody knows, creative people move adaptively […]

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Someone won a $100 gift card…

…and 2 other people won signed copies of my book “Becoming a Life Change Artist.” We videoed the final drawing, and have spent the last 3.5 hours unsuccessfully trying to upload the video to my blog, YouTube and Facebook.  Arghhh. But more importantly, the $100 gift card winner is Angie C.  Congratulations, Angie!!!!!  You have […]

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Going Public as a Clergy Abuse Survivor

When I was a teenager I was molested by a Catholic priest who worked at my high school.  For more than 30 years I hid it from everyone.  In many respects I also hid it from myself. Though I never spoke about it, the impact on my life was profound.  Two failed marriages were just […]

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Creativity News Picks of the Week

Since tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my Friday giveaway, I thought I’d end the “blog week” early by reviewing what’s been in the media this week about creativity. What follows is a totally subjective list of articles—both serious and quirky—that sparked my interest.  My comments are in italics: Doodling in School Opens Doors to Creativity, Learning […]

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Red head powernap

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Nap

It’s been a lazy day for me, recuperating from an intense book editing project I wrapped up late last night.  A little tweeting here, a little Facebooking there, updating LinkedIn and making a few calls to try to set up marketing events for my new book’s  launch the week after next.  I knew I needed […]

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