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Someone won a $100 gift card…

…and 2 other people won signed copies of my book “Becoming a Life Change Artist.” We videoed the final drawing, and have spent the last 3.5 hours unsuccessfully trying to upload the video to my blog, YouTube and Facebook.  Arghhh. But more importantly, the $100 gift card winner is Angie C.  Congratulations, Angie!!!!!  You have […]

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Our August 27 Book Winner is…

….KV M. Congratulations KV! You’ve won a copy of Becoming a Life Change Artist. Please send me your snail mail address so I can send you your signed copy of the book. I also want to give huge shout outs to everyone who re-tweeted about the giveaway.  It won’t surprise you to know that Patricia […]

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Aug Pic 4

Re-Tweeters Rule! Tonight’s a Hot Night For…

….Angie C! Congratulations, Angie!  DM me your snail mail address and a lovingly signed copy of Becoming a Life Change Artist will be on its way.  Hmm… 2 out of the last 3 giveaways have been won by Re-Tweeters!  Maybe this is really a numbers game!   Thanks to everyone who joined this week and […]

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Creativity News Picks of the Week

Since tomorrow I’ll be blogging about my Friday giveaway, I thought I’d end the “blog week” early by reviewing what’s been in the media this week about creativity. What follows is a totally subjective list of articles—both serious and quirky—that sparked my interest.  My comments are in italics: Doodling in School Opens Doors to Creativity, Learning […]

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Are You a Twitter Snob?

As my blog and Twitter friends know, I blog primarily about creativity and creative expression as a vital part of healthy living. Blogging experts warn us to stick to our shtick […]

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The Zen of Twitter

I’ve been struggling to come up with a smart analogy to capture what happened with me and Twitter on Tuesday night.  Like:  You labor lovingly over a strawberry patch only to have the rabbits eat every last ripe one.  Not so good.  How about: You say something hurtful to a friend and she won’t ever […]

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All Things in Moderation

Last time I blogged regularly, I was very lonely. Blogged my heart out and no one commented on my posts. I got discouraged. After a few months I abandoned my blog. But with a book coming out soon and a few things to get off my chest, I decided to give blogging another go. […]

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