Kathy offers a rich array of services to her clients:

  • Personal Advice: Kathy specializes in helping individuals develop the creative skills required to make fulfilling transitions to a new phase of life.  Each year she offers private coaching to a select number of clients. As a partner in Life Change Artists, she offers the online program “Becoming a Life Change Artist” to provide a rich and affordable self-directed learning process to help individuals make transitions to more meaningful and joyful lives.
  • Leadership and Organizational Consulting: Kathy is highly regarded for her inventive and practical approaches to managing strategic change and enhancing bottom-line performance.
  • Editing and Writing: In addition to personal writing projects,  Kathy works with individuals and businesses to craft messages true to their voices and missions. She recently collaborated with Doug Lennick to write Financial Intelligence:  How to Make Values-Based Decisions with Your Money and Your Life (Doug Lennick with Kathy Jordan, FPA Press, 2010).  She has served as senior editor and consultant for two award-winning online leadership development programs as well as for Harvard Business Review article collections.
  • Mind/body practitioner: Kathy leverages innovative mind/body practices in her coaching and consulting work.  She is a certified  practitioner and master teacherin the Japanese system of Reiki.

Workshops and Presentations

Her workshops and presentations  include:

  • The Life Change Studio (with Fred Mandell and Nancy Fernandez-Mills)
  • Thriving Solo After 50
  • Artemisia’s Journey: What the Great Women Artists Can Teach Us About Living Creatively After Abuse and Trauma

Personal Life

Kathy divides her time primarily between Boston, Saint Augustine, and Colorado Springs. She travels annually to Europe to conduct research on women artists, and spends more time in museums than most of her travelling companions can stand. Kathy is also an avid birder, and enjoys hiking and kayaking. In addition, she paints, sketches, and keeps an art journal.

Kathy spends as much time as possible with daughter Erin, son-in-law Doug, and granddaughters Mackenzie and Addison, who live in Colorado.

Professional Biography

Leadership Development/Organizational Effectiveness

Dr. Kathy Jordan is known for her inventive and pragmatic approaches to leadership development and organizational effectiveness. She has been a trusted advisor to executive teams on the implementation of major change initiatives.

Along with Fred Mandell, Kathy created the concept of the 7 Creative Skills.™ She developed groundbreaking workshops for leaders to enhance innovative skill development in their organizations and apply them to real-time challenges.

Kathy and Fred have brought their research on innovation and creative skill development to Fortune 500 companies such as Amerprise Financial and Transamerica/Aegon through their signature workshop The Innovation Studio.

Spotlight on Organization Development Work

Kathy worked as a management and organization development specialist at AT&T Bell Laboratories, ultimately leading an internal OD consulting group serving a business area of 7,000 employees in eight US locations. She went on to launch an independent consulting practice focused on improving the performance of leaders in high-change organizations, including AT&T, USWest Advanced Technologies, and the School of Informatics at SUNY Buffalo.

Kathy developed the human resources implementation plan for the consolidation of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. She supported the merger of four geographically dispersed naval laboratories into a single facility by orchestrating multiple, simultaneous initiatives enabling the Center to meet all customer expectations, retain key skill sets, and develop new leadership competencies.

Kathy joined the Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation as Director of Professional Development and Performance Management in the late 1990s, where she designed its first management development program, doubled employee participation in professional development programs, and streamlined the organization’s performance management process, producing significant cost savings.  As consultant to HBSP’s executive team, Kathy facilitated weekly executive team meetings and annual strategic planning sessions.

Executive Coaching

Kathy has served as an executive coach with KRW International, helping high-potential leaders develop the skills needed to advance to senior executive roles. Her executive-coaching client companies included such giants as American Express, Ameriprise Financial, and Capital One.


Kathy has lent her skills as a writer and editor to a number of book projects. She co-authored with Doug Lennick Financial Intelligence: How to Make Values-Based Decisions with Your Money and Your Life and collaborated with Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel on Moral Intelligence:  Enhancing Business Performance and Leadership Success.

For many years, she has edited article collections for Harvard Business Review. Kathy has also provided content expertise and editorial support to Harvard Business Publishing’s state-of-the-art online management development programs Harvard ManageMentor and Breakthrough Leadership.

Her own publications include:

  • “Analyze This: Can Personality Theory Help You Lead Your Unit?”, Harvard Management Update, 2003
  • “It Paid Off in Afghanistan: Eight Lessons from the U.S. Military That You Can Use”, Harvard Management Update, 2002
  • “What a Star, What A Jerk,” Case Commentary, Harvard Business Review, 2001
  • “The Human Factor: Obstacles to Change,” Design Management Journal, 1997 (which included her own illustrations)


  • Ph.D, Counseling Psychology: Florida State University
  • M.Ed., Counseling: Northeastern University
  • B.A., Social Studies Multidisciplinary Program: Michigan State University