How to Be Creative in 15 Minutes (or Less)

Do you wish you could be more creative, but just can’t find the time?  I feel your pain.  You’re overloaded, overstressed, and exhausted.  And that’s exactly why you need regular doses of creativity.  Creativity is therapeutic.  The trick is to be creative in small chunks of time.

My daughter Erin, a working mother of two young girls, is a perfect example of this principle.  Here’s what she did last Sunday:

  • Got up at 5:30 AM to take care of her two adorable early risers.
  • Made a yummy breakfast
  • Did the weekly shopping, carting along  two now crabby little ones
  • Stopped at Michael’s for some craft supplies
  • Cleaned the house
  • Did four loads of laundry
  • Folded the laundry
  • Decorated the “St. Patrick’s Day” tree (that’s another story)
  • Cooked the family dinner
  • Helped clean up the kitchen
  • Organized clothing and lunch for the next day
  • Read the girls a bedtime story and tucked them in for the night

Oh, and around 8:00 PM, she did one more thing:  She made 4 pairs of earrings.  In less than 15 minutes. For about $3.00 a pair. I asked Erin how she had the energy to do that after a long and tiring day.  She told me she felt much more energy when she was finished than when she started.

It would have been easy to crash on the couch and watch TV. But Erin needed that dose of creativity.  More than Netflix.  More than Facebook.  And she’s got some great-looking earrings to show for it.


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