Collaborate Your Way Out of Creative Blocks

Just read another fabulous post from one of my favorite websites the99percent.   Here’s a preview from “Why Sharing Your Work, Setbacks & Struggles Breaks Creative Blocks:”

We tend to believe that creative work is a lonely endeavor. But, research – not to mention past precedent – suggests otherwise. In fact, one of the single most effective ways to enhance your creativity is to regularly break the cycle of isolation and interact, talk, and share your work with your colleagues and friends.

Psychologist Kevin Dunbar studied the workings of four prominent microbiology laboratories for insights into how new theories are developed. What he found was that the majority of creative insights and great discoveries actually occurred during regularly scheduled lab meetings, where individual researchers revealed their latest findings and shared their most difficult setbacks.  More

And it’s always good to see our ideas about the elements of creative success described in Becoming a Life Change Artist: 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Stage of Life reinforced by research in completely different fields.



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