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Five Foolproof Steps for Making Friends After 50

UPDATE:  Though I wrote this post almost 7 years go, wonderful people keep commenting and reaching out for ideas about how to form new friendships in midlife and beyond.  Though the post is old, the issues are timeless.  And as you can see from a follow up post, I’ve learned from my readers that there is […]

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Why Men Fail at Friendship

There have been a lot of responses to my old post “Five Foolproof Steps to Making Friends After 50.”  Only two men have commented about loneliness or the challenges of finding friends, though a few women have commented on how much more difficult it seems for husbands, boyfriends, or other men we care about, to […]

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No Foolproof Way To Make Friends After 50

Can you believe it?  Almost 7 years ago I wrote a (perhaps overly) optimistic post about how people like me could connect with other potential friends in midlife.  I was one of the fortunate ones who had a great experience following the tips I developed. Many others were not so lucky. In the time since […]

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Your Brain on Creativity

Those of you who work with me are probably tired of hearing me say “Yes, you are creative.”  Just saw this very smart blog post which lays out the science behind our inborn creativity.  “Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower:  The Science of Creativity”  It’s worth reading for many reasons, not the […]

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How to Be Creative in 15 Minutes (or Less)

Do you wish you could be more creative, but just can’t find the time?  I feel your pain.  You’re overloaded, overstressed, and exhausted.  And that’s exactly why you need regular doses of creativity.  Creativity is therapeutic.  The trick is to be creative in small chunks of time. My daughter Erin, a working mother of two […]

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Confessions of a Creative Hypocrite

They say confession is good for the soul, so let me just put it out here:  I’m a hypocrite. Why, you ask? I love creativity—at least in theory. In practice, not so much.  Creative inspiration is not the problem.   I have lots of creative ideas, more than I can shake a paintbrush at.   […]

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Design Your Own Mini-Retreat

Ever wish you were a celebrity off for a spa retreat?  You don’t need to be a red carpet regular to treat yourself to a rejuvenating, relaxing experience.  I was desperate for some TLC after a crazy week, so I decided to spend my Saturday doing whatever I felt like doing.  Here are 5 things […]

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Making Sh*t Up: Creativity’s Dark Side

When I was a college counselor, I once worked with a senior who was a talented art student. She came to see me tortured by anxiety and depression. It turns out she’d been depressed throughout high school and college. When I asked her how she had put up with feeling awful for all that time, […]

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Strong at the Broken Places

From Karen Florence’s article, Kintsugi: healing our wounds with gold: The Japanese have an amazing ancient practice of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin. The origins of this practice come from a story of a wealthy man who broke his precious tea cup. He sent it out to be repaired and to his astonishment, it […]

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Rapid Prototyping Your Life

So, here is a TED talk by IDEO designer Ted Brown on “Creativity and Play.”  The audience is designers of products or services.  What I’m pondering is how to apply concepts from the world of design to the world of corporate innovation—or personal life change.  What would rapid prototyping mean applied to business innovation?  What […]

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Collaborate Your Way Out of Creative Blocks

Just read another fabulous post from one of my favorite websites the99percent.   Here’s a preview from “Why Sharing Your Work, Setbacks & Struggles Breaks Creative Blocks:” We tend to believe that creative work is a lonely endeavor. But, research – not to mention past precedent – suggests otherwise. In fact, one of the single most […]

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